Collaborative Access to Services:

DRIVEN has partnered with many agencies in the Durham Region to help women get the services that they need. Please be aware that during the pandemic all partners are connecting to clients over the phone or virtually. Women can still speak with as many, or as few, agencies are desired.

On-site agencies:

On-site agencies are available at DRIVEN on a Monday to provide support. Women can meet with as many, or as few, agencies as needed. The partner agencies work together. All agencies, with consent, can have access to the infromation provided. This means that women do not have to tell the same information repeatedly. Women can tell their story once and the staff can focus on meeting the service needs.

Off-site agencies:

Off-site agencies are available by phone. The DRIVEN staff can help women to connect with as many, or as few, off-site partner agencies are needed on the same day. Agencies, with consent, will have access to the information so that women do not have to tell their story more than once.

Video chat agencies:

When unable to attend the DRIVEN office, women can call DRIVEN to inquire as to other locations that may be easier to access. At these locations, women will access DRIVEN in a private room over video chat.
Please be aware that the video chat locations may change during the pandemic. Please call DRIVEN to inquire as to what locations are currently available.

For a full list of the on-site and off-site partners that DRIVEN can help connect women with, and the video chat locations, please see their pages. Select the page below to view the full lists.

Open: Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm
Clinic held Mondays
Closed Sat. & Sun. & Stat. Holidays

Services are free.
Phone and virtual support.

707 Simcoe St. South,
Oshawa, ON L1H 4G7
During the pandemic there will be no in person support. Please call to access support.

DRIVEN gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Durham Community Foundation's endowment funds.
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